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Chemyshria KePilar Ariel Fyqui KixCielarmes Chemyshria KePilar Ariel Fyqui KixCielarmes
Aliases: None yet, but will probably go by “Ariel”.
Played By (your e-mail here): jaimestarr@rock.com
Character Type: Otherworlder/Faerie.
Knows about supernatural creatures?(If yes, how?): Yes, she is Fae.
Hair Color: Gold.
Eye Color: Green.

True age: Unknown in human years, but she is in late adolescence.
Apparent age: 18
Sex: Female
Height: 5’3"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Nationality: East Fayland.
Residence: None.
Any Travel Companions or close friends? None Currently.
Distinguishing characteristics: Bright blue lips, wings, and a luminescence that can be controlled by her.
Occupation: None.
Knows about any of the various Orders? No. She is a newcomer to the mortal plane.
Any other languages: Eastern Faye, Northern Faye, and Pixie.
Personality: Overall, she is very kind and helpful. She adapts well to new situations, and also tends to overestimate this ability of hers. Though she can be impetuous, she has a tendency to always read as being calm and rational because of the environment in which she was raised. She is very good at making people like her, another ability which she occasionally overestimates.
Any special skills?: She can fly, create small bubbles in which time moves as she commands it, learn languages by physical contact with someone who speaks it, glow, and persuade like a pro.
History: She had two brothers, a mother who was a soldier and a father who was a negotiator. By the time she was just beginning to bloom, her father had managed to work his way up to being a diplomat (as things work that way within the Eastern), and so their family began to live in luxury. All of their children were encouraged to learn the art of diplomacy, but only Ariel had both the knack for persuasion and the willingness to learn how to do it better. Ariel often shadowed her father at his working, often boosting others’ opinion of him, as she was (and still is) a very lovely and charming girl.

This caught the attention of many of the king’s sons, only one of which would ever catch Ariel’s attention. His name was Prince Etherin OpOliein Sepenitione Vesinious OliNeverii Zhaned. She and the young prince soon fell into a spell of youthful love, which went undiscovered for some time. Each knew the dangers of a love between one with pure royal blood and one with none, but decided that their passion was worth risking the respect of all who surrounded them. Still, they hid their bond from others.

The longer it went on this way, though, the bolder they became with their actions and began to show small signs of their love in public. One of the king’s advisers began to suspect that the two of them were in a relationship and urged the king to have his son followed one night. That night, the prince went out to meet Ariel, and they were seen together, with her in his arms. They were heard together, whispering the pretty ideals of young affection.

The next morning, the king told his son that the prince had caused great damage to his heart, but no one need suffer as long as the prince agreed never to see the girl again. The prince agreed. Upon seeing that her love was avoiding her, though, Ariel endeavored to ask him what had happened. Eventually, he explained it to her. She was soothing, told him that she understood his feelings, but that he must not let one old man come between them, if indeed their bond had ever been real. She soon convinced him to run away with her.

A week later, they set off for the Northern lands, where Ariel had made a few friends from her father’s employment. They would find a way to live and love there forever. Unfortunately, their plan had been previously discovered and they were separated by members of the king’s guard. The Prince was to be taken back to the palace, and the incident never spoken of again. Ariel, however, was to be thrust into one of the otherworlds and left there, never to be heard of again amongst faeries. Her family would never know what became of her.

Motivations: She was, in fact, just "dumped" here, but the fact that the place she happened to be dumped was Aleister Cove could have something to do with the "Weirdness Magnet" factor. Anyways, she's pretty much just going to try and survive for a while and will be figuring out Earth as she goes. As far as she is concerned, she might as well have been banished from her world, as she has no knowledge of the means of getting back, not to mention that it would be dangerous for her to do so with the royal family hating her and all.

Any Weapons: None.

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